Parade of Shame

It’s that time of year again: plans for the annual gay pride parade are underway in Belgrade. Above is a photo taken from the event in 2010. Below is a post taken from Theology and Society (here).

Serbia Bans Gay Pride March Planned for Oct. 6; Pat. Irinej Urged Ban “Parade of Shame”

Serbia’s police have banned a gay pride march in Belgrade — planned for this coming weekend — citing security concerns, but also complying with a request from Serbia’s Christian Orthodox Church, the USA Today website reports on October 3, 2012.

Police said they are banning the march because they fear a repeat of the violence in 2010, when right-wing groups attacked such an event in Belgrade, triggering day-long clashes with the police that left more than 100 people injured. Last year’s gay pride march was also banned by authorities.

The current ban was announced after Patriarch Irinej — the head of Serbia’s Christian Orthodox Church — urged the government to prevent the march planned for October 6.

Patriarch Irinej said in a statement that such a “parade of shame” would cast a “moral shadow” on Serbia — a very conservative Balkan country whose gay population has faced threats and harassment.


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