Virtues Require the Holy Mysteries

Taken from the Australian Diocesan website:

“The Bishop [Siluan], in his homily, pointed to the significance of these Sundays of Great Lent which prepare us for the great upcoming events. The voice of the Church during these Lenten days is the voice of St. John the Baptist, the prophetic voice for us to be sober-minded and vigilant as Christians. Often we are unaware that we are in bondage and under the siege of the passions. Observing the fast it opens our spiritual eyes to see the slavery we are in. When you sin, you become a slave to sin. Even a small sin is something that by nature is not in accordance with the calling of one’s being and path in this life. When we wish to free ourselves only then do we see our bondage, just how much sin has taken over us. However, through the grace of God we have an opportunity to repent in this life. The example of Mary of Egypt, shows us that whatever the sin and however grave it is, the Lord is always waiting to knock on the door of our hearts, waiting for us to move towards Him, to return to His embrace, to repent and take communion. As Fr. Justin says, the virtues require the Holy Mysteries and the Holy Mysteries require virtues. Therefore, a life entirely in the virtues and entirely in the mysteries. If we repent the Lord will forgive. In fact, the Lord is always moving towards us for our salvation.

One thought on “Virtues Require the Holy Mysteries

  1. As Christians, we should keep in mind that if we repent to God for our sins, God will forgive us. Our God is a loving God who will always forgive us — regardless of how severe a sin has been — and will never disregard or reject our request to Him for repentance.

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