Open your hearts not your phones

The newly elected Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Coastlands, His Grace Joanikije, in his homily on June 6, 2021 during the Divine Liturgy at the Holy Trinity Church, Lower Ostrog, spoke of the frequent use of cell phones during the divine services, calling upon the faithful to not do that: “There is a blessing forContinue reading “Open your hearts not your phones”

Croatian archbishop seeks pardon from gay people

H/T: here A Croatian archbishop today asked for a pardon from gay people who felt rejected by the Church, an unprecedented move in the staunchly Catholic country. Archbishop Mate Uzinic warned that some Catholics wanted to “serve Christ and the Church with discrimination, aggression and violence… targeting homosexual people”. He used the international day againstContinue reading “Croatian archbishop seeks pardon from gay people”

More attacks on church in Kosovo

A loose translation of the article from the Diocesan website of Ras-Prizren (here) Frequent attacks and provocations of Serbian Orthodox Churches in Kosovo and Metohija Continue The Diocese of Ras and Prizren has expressed deep concern today over the latest in a series of attacks on religious buildings of the Serbian Orthodox Church in KosovoContinue reading “More attacks on church in Kosovo”

Take my hand, I am dying….

Loose translation of Bishop Grigorije’s ponderings on the phenomena of death (here): The departure of our loved ones and friends these recent months have once more intensified my thoughts about the phenomenon of death, which has always been understood and experienced in different ways. Recently death has seemingly come knocking on the door of theContinue reading “Take my hand, I am dying….”