On his way to Jasenovac…

H/T: @SavaJanjic tweeted: On his way to Jasenovac, where he will serve the Divine Liturgy tomorrow, His Holines Serbian Patriarch Porfirije visited the suffering people of Banija, who were recently affected by the earthquake and where many were left without their homes, thereby showing the love and care we all feel for the people ofContinue reading “On his way to Jasenovac…”

Take, eat, this is gluten free….

@MladenAleksic85 retweeted this article and tweeted: Is this taboo in the Orthodox Church? I don’t know. Is it? I remember someone telling me their priest would make gluten free prosphora from time to time because of their allergic reactions. So, basically, that was the only time they could receive communion. H/T: (Here) How Low-Gluten CommunionContinue reading “Take, eat, this is gluten free….”

Rulers are not buried on conquered land…

Above is the cover of the Nativity issue of Pravoslavlje, the official periodical of the Serbian Patriarchate. Pictured on the cover is the 75-ft. high, 76-ton statue of St. Symeon the Myrrh-Gusher (Stephen Nemanja) which stands in the center of Belgrade, outside the old railroad station. Today is the Feast Day of St. Symeon. BishopContinue reading “Rulers are not buried on conquered land…”

An unusual man in a most unusual time

I’m re-reading Fr. Vojislav Dosenovich’s “So Help Me God”. In recalling his seminary days he writes about life in Sarajevo and the duties of the seminarians at the Old Church. “I also recall that during that particular year a young man attended services at the Old Church. He wore a military uniform that displayed theContinue reading “An unusual man in a most unusual time”