Don’t call the Pope a good man!

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From the Consistory in Calvin’s time:



Kosovo is Serbia

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Another anti-government protest in Belgrade, this time about Kosovo

Members and supporters of the nationalist Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) and the signatories to the Appeal for Defence of Kosovo and Metohija, Belgrade’s official name for its former province, organised a protest on Monday called “Stop to Treason!” “Kosovo is Serbia,” N1 reported.

DSS does not take part in the protests in Belgrade, but the organisers said their rally was not against them, but that they only added the issue of Kosovo because the Saturdays’ demonstration did not deal with it.

“Kosovo is Serbia are three words which are the beginning and the end of the discussion where Kosovo belongs to,” Milos Jovanovic, the DSS leader told the crowd.

The people who protested told N1 they were against the current policy in solving the Kosovo issue.

Anti-government protests that started on December 8 in Belgrade spread to over 60 places across Serbia.

Three protests were held in the northern Kosovo where Serbs create a majority and where the power is in the hands of local politicians loyal to Belgrade.

The primary demands are the resignation of President Aleksandar Vucic, fair elections and free media.

The opposition leaders do not take an active role in the demonstrations in any city, but the Alliance for Serbia (SzS) grouping drafted the Agreement with the People which the protesters started signing during last Saturday’s rally.

The Agreement included the protesters’ demands to the opposition to boycott any election under the current rules and to promise to change the system once in power.



According to God’s relation to us every man is valuable, both great and small, known and unknown, for it it written: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.  And so, the Lord perished for that small man – the publican – who was hated by the Pharisee.

We address God in order to establish a right relationship and communion with Him. And see, that unknown man who stood in the back of the temple, the Publican, didn’t think about what other people were like, are they better or weaker than him, he didn’t mind that others pushed in front of him, that they try to stick out, to show themselves more important than him. He came to speak to God, and He spoke directly, face to face, heart to heart, and he prayed: Lord, have mercy upon me a sinner. And that’s all we need, in order for God to be merciful to us, to see us, to notice us, to once again accept us as we are, to accept us as His children and to forgive us for He can and wants to do this, to accept the forgiveness, to feel that we need forgiveness. This Publican showed that he needed God and his prayer achieved that goal.

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Remember in your prayers….


Special note from Fr. Demetrios Carellas:

Dear Brothers in Christ,

Please remember Subdeacon Nectarios in your prayers. This message was sent out this morning by Vladyka George of ROCOR. May our Most Beloved Panaghia heal him.

In Christ’s love,

+Papa Demetri

Please pray for Brother Nectarios from Hawaii.

He was rushed to emergency for a diabetic crisis. He’s never been diagnosed as diabetic, yet while in the hospital had a blood sugar count of 651.

They were able to normalize his sugar after several weeks, but he is losing his vision. And may lose his vision completely.

He was prescribed steroids for his lungs and they somehow damaged his pancreas so he is no longer able to produce enough insulin to sustain his body.

His condition is called acute onset diabetic syndrome.

He is now recovering at home.