Inflamed with faith

“We thank Bishop Atanasije for everything. Now, when he has left, we will understand, from day to day, how we have gotten accustomed to something which, truly, is a miracle in this world: someone who totally burned for Christ, lived his life entirely by faith, entirely an incarnation of truth, inflamed for love…., someone who was a sign that Eternal Life is here, that Immortality is here, that in this world there is Love, justice, the immortal, those that are Christ-like…. May he forgive us and pray to God for us, that when the Lord returns He might find such faith in this world, the fiery faith which Bishop Atanasije lived his life with. Memory eternal to our dear Bishop Atanasije, and may all of you be blessed! Christ is Risen!

Loose translation, Bishop Dimitrije at the Memorial served at the Cathedral in Trebinje (here)

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