Every time we enter the church we return like the prodigal son

“In the gospel we hear of how merciful our heavenly Father is. All people throughout the world have one thing in common, and that is that we have a Father in heaven, the Creator and a Father. And that brings all people together. But where then is the difference? The difference is in our relation to the Father. Some don’t know Him at all, some don’t want to and have no desire to, some have a wrong depiction of Him, some interpret Him according to themselves, some what to abuse Him, and then there are those who love the Heavenly Father as His children. We are called to accept the fact that we are children of the Heavenly Father. That’s what this morning’s gospel reading tells us and according to that relation towards the Father, in those differences people differ from one another. The one who loves the Heavenly Father loves also his neighbor, all people and all of creation he experiences as God’s house and feels good in the house of God.

Every time we enter the church we approach our Heavenly Father, His table. This communion that you received is from the Lord’s table, heavenly, divine food. Our heavenly father is always giving us food, giving Himself, His Body and His Blood for He suffered for us in His love for us and forgave us our sins. That’s why don’t hesitate, always approach the church, the Lord’s table, and that is particularly described today in the gospel through the son who from prodigal living returns to the table of the Heavenly Father.

Bishop Atanasije of Milesevo (here)

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