Online services

Can anyone comment on their thougths about online services? We in the blogosphere have been here for years now. In fact, it’s died down a bit as more are moving toward Twitter, Instagram and such for their online commentary.

As far as I go, I can’t understand the appeal to live streaming services. I understand it’s a temporary thing. Just praying it remains so

2 thoughts on “Online services

  1. Wow, this very impressive. I suppose my frustration isn’t with the online services themselves as much as the uncertainty of these times. We have no time frame to work with. In the church, for instance, we know that we have this season until Ascension, then Pentecost then the Sunday of Pentecost…and so on. There is no calendar to follow. Most churches are serving liturgy and live-streaming them. What your parish is doing takes some skill and discipline.

  2. Father, bless. Online services are a concession; it’s what we can do under the circumstances. Nobody, I think, considers them anything but a “stopgap” until we can worship properly “in the Orthodox manner.” Meanwhile, it takes different forms. The typical streaming service is from a church, conducted with reduced members. A more complicated choreography is done by my parish; here are last Sunday’s Matins and Typika:

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