Because it is the covenant of the Lord

H/T: here John the Apostle – the Theologian in Silence The 8th of May is a feast day dedicated to the Apostle John, the Evangelist and Theologian. Among all the Apostles, the title “Theologian” is only bestowed upon St John, which attests to the spiritual heights to which he attained, and the depth of theContinue reading “Because it is the covenant of the Lord”

RE: Pan-Orthodox Celebration 2019

Communique Concerning Pan-Orthodox Concelebration in 2019 During the first week of the Great Fast, as we are preparing to once again on the Sunday of Orthodoxy, in a visible way with all other Orthodox Christians, celebrate the Triumph of Orthodoxy and the Restoration of Icons, the Western American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church herebyContinue reading “RE: Pan-Orthodox Celebration 2019”