“…I distrust the underground world, but I want to understand it. There aren’t many opportunities. The Roman catacombs, you’ll say. No mystery there, too many tourists, and everything is under the control of the Church. And then there are the sewers of Paris…Have you been? They can be visited on Monday, Wednesday, and the last Saturday of every month. But that’s another tourist attraction. Naturally, there are catacombs in Paris, too, and caves. Not to mention the Metro. Have you ever been to 145 rue Lafayette?”


“….I have had occasion to spend hours and hours in front of that door that conceals the door of doors, the point of departure for the journey to the center of the earth. Why do you think they made it?”

“To ventilate the Metro, you said.”

“A few ducts would have been enough for that. No, when I see those subterranean passages, my suspicions are aroused. Do you know why?”


“Because if the Masters of the World exist, they can only be underground: this is a truth that all sense but few dare utter. Perhaps the only man bold enough to say it in print was Saint-Yves d’Alveydre. You know him?”


“He is the one who told us about Agarttha, the underground headquarters of the King of the World the occult center of the Synarchy….”


“Haven’t you ever wondered why in the last century all the great metropolises hastened to build subways?”

Foucault’s Pendulum
Umberto Eco

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