house-fell-downThe humdrum argument of the importance of our culture and maintaining it, all the while neglecting the church or – in the best case – keeping the bare minimum reguirements of being a Christian, are tiresome.

It’s very simple: a house is built on a strong foundation.  The entire array of beautiful customs we have as a people constitute the richness and beauty of our culture. In short, it is an integral part of who we are and it fills the many rooms of that large and spacious house. The foundation of that house, however, is the church.

Keep neglecting the church and the Christian faith and you will surely see that house fall since all of those customs depend on a strong and firm foundation. The Church, however, depends on the faith of the people of God. It will never fall or be destroyed as long as there are those two or three who have the faith “even as small as a mustard seed” (Matt. 17:20) and are gather in in His Name (Matt. 18:20) His Church will never pass away.

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