Injustices in soccer


Happy Feast of Vidovdan!

I saw this on Bosko’s Twitter (here) a few days ago after the Serbia vs. Switzerland game and meant to share it. It’ a loose translate and appropriate for Vidovdan.

Listen Up, Serbs!

It’s unbelievable that as a people we collectively react to the injustices in a soccer game, while all the other evils done to us we view as our inevitable fate, a role we accept joyously. Is our victory in the fact that defeat and loss are the only things that unite us?

The joy of the loser comes as a diagnosis. Our national being is not well and needs to find a way to return its immunity. Obviously I’m pecking at the minds of readers in vain, for they only hear the sounds of reality shows. In one night Serbs sent 16 million text messages and open support was given to debauchery and immorality. Almost 5 million Euros from the pockets of Serbian citizens went to the creators of the spectacle of the guinea pigs, the new role models of Serbian youth.

United in the injustices of soccer and the reality-show competitions, but divided over social justice, the defense over degradation of moral principles, Svetosavlje, Kosovo and Metohija….They are deaf to injustice except when it comes to soccer.  In that case, give us a soccer ball, a field, two goals and seven million of us on the field. Everyone in the jersey of their party, organization or movement and let’s play that final national game in which we will display our greatest ability – scoring against ourselves. For the most part, such a game is played every day though most of the players – unbeknownst to the players – nor do they know on what part of the field they are on, nor their role in the team and towards the end of the derby, when they see the score and the ones who scored against their own team, they cry out, complain …

And so, over and over again it goes. What are we to even do, how are we to awaken those who are convinced that they are sleeping, that everything is ugly but it’s a dream they have to dream and it’ll quickly pass in two or – at the most – three years? First of let’s deal with ourselves:  if we don’t love Serbia simply choose another country to live in, and the rest of us need to define the kind of country we want to live in.  As long as we ourselves support corruption we have no right to solve it on a national level. As long as we do not respect our ancestors, alphabet, faith, we have no right to complain how others are proudly asserting their own symbols.  As long as the injustices of soccer games more important than the destruction of education and health, we’ll have no resurrection. If we don’t become better, it’ll only get worse for us.

Bosko Kozarski
Founder of the Serbian-Russian Educational Center

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