Creative courage

Not sure where Metropolitan Kallistos is going with his recent comments about homosexuality.  In the Foreward for the Spring/Summer 2018 issue of The Wheel (which has been posted on many sites; I’ve been somewhat inactive on here) he poses the simple question why we differentiate erotic desires between men and women with those of same sex couples. Or at least it might sound like a simple question.

He says, among other things: “Persons of heterosexual orientation have the option of getting married, and so in a positive way they can fulfil their erotic desire with the Church’s blessing through the God-given sacrament of holy matrimony.

But homosexuals have no such option. In the words of Vasileios Thermos, “A homosexual subject is called to lead a celibate life without feeling a vocation for it.” Are we right to impose this heavy burden on the homosexual?”

You can find more about this on other (better) blogs than on here. My only thing is when he says, “….Let us not as Orthodox be merely defensive and reactive…but let us listen to one another with creative courage, with mutual respect and, more than that, with loving compassion.”

Is “creative” courage the same thing as courage? I thought courage meant standing up for what’s right and not looking at it with a twist, slantedly or distortedly or…creatively.

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