The Military Frontier

From a homily on Vidovdan in Zagred by Archimandrite Danile (Ljubotina) here: We must say something from our nation’s history considering that on this day an idelible drama was played out among our people. The drama commemorates our entire future history to this day. Vidovdan witnesses to us, Christians of today, that we are obligedContinue reading “The Military Frontier”

What’s in a name

I found a tweet from Fr. Samuel Davis’ Twitter (@samualmark25) where he writes: “Evangelicals are afraid of persecution – but that is the seed of the Church. Their fear and unwillingness to be a minority and persecuted for their faith betrays their lip service that their allegiance is Christ when really it’s an Americanism toContinue reading “What’s in a name”

Orthodox Ordinary Time

H/T: here The Apostles Fast: Bridging the Paschal with the Ordinary Nicole M. Roccas Well, it’s finally here. We’re in the thick of the Apostles’ Fast–a fasting period that begins the day after the Sunday of All Saints (the Sunday immediately following Pentecost) and culminates in the feast of Sts Peter and Paul (June 29).Continue reading “Orthodox Ordinary Time”