True Christian education


“….Our children are taught about faith, but true Christian education means to come to the church services, to take communion and commune with God whom we believe in. Today’s feast teaches us that the meaning of man’s life is to become holy, which means to live a honorable life. This is the spirit in which we are to bring our children up in, that together with them we might freely live in Christ, life of respectful, virtuous and dignified people.

On this day we remember the event from the life of the Most Holy Theotokos, a day when her parents, Joachim and Anna, brought their three year old daughter to the temple in Jerusalem that they might dedicate her to the Lord. She was made worthy of such glory to become the mother of the Savior of the world, the eternal intercessor of our Salvation and protectress of us all. That we might be made worthy of her protection the most important thing is for all of us is to live with love of God and neighbor. Those around us are our brothers and sisters in Christ and we should always do good do them, regardless of what people or religion they belong to.  Those who are not baptized or have fallen from the Church we must in no way hate, but we are called to call them to God through our love. In this way we show our love for our neighbor, and love for God we show by going to church services. It is not enough to go to church two, three times a year, but it must be a place where we gather every Sunday and feast day. ….

Bishop Fotije on the feast of the Entry of the Most Holy Theotokos


One thought on “True Christian education

  1. A true Christian treats all people — even enemies — with love, dignity, and respect.
    Also, it is imperative that Christian parents take their young children to Sunday School each Sunday, so that they can learn about God’s eternal love, and to thank God for everything He has given them.

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