The Christian Life

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“The Lord is the one who created us, who has given us every blessing we need for life, and who calls us not only to be baptized, but that we believe in Him. Out of His inexpressible love, as righteous God He came to the world to save us sinners and deliver us from death. And not through some wild story or tale but with His example. The Lord gives to all the faithful not only a bodily healing from their illnesses, but true faith, which is the only thing that saves us from death. Physical health is in vain without spiritual well being, for the body needs harmony. And we can only nourish and heal the soul with God. This is why we should know that it is our Christian obligation to nourish our souls on Sundays. All of those who are in church today have chosen the good part but we must know that all of life and not just one moment is the Christian life. This is why we must constantly witness to the fact that we Christians, that we believe in God, that we not be ashamed, but take pride in our faith in Him, for through the Cross salvation has come to the human race. The Cross is that which saves us, but not as a symbol but an expression and this is why Communion is our only medicine for salvation for it requires faith and effort”

Bishop Justin of Zicha


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