Comfort over style

GetFileAttachmentWhen I was ordained a priest my bishop gave a new set of vestments. They weren’t particularly ornate or of some high quality – but they were new and very beautiful and it was a wonderful gift. My first parish was a mission parish where I stayed just shy of seven years. And during those years I ended up – for the most part – wearing those same vestments.  There were too many other things the church board was focused on than vestments. More specifically, purchasing property for the future church.

By the time I arrived at my second parish I think I was over the whole ‘beautiful vestments’ thing. Perhaps I was so used to wearing the same ones each Sunday that I realized that, deep down inside, I preferred comfort over style.

I’m now in my third parish, the vestments I wear are a little snug, nothing really special…but they’re nice and I’m as comfortable in them as I would be in an old pair of shoes.

I must admit though, looking at the picture of my deacon’s gorgeous set of vestments (pictured above from this morning’s liturgy) I just might be having second thoughts. If nothing else maybe I should just get those old, now beat up vestments my bishop gave me some twenty years ago.

If nothing else, they’re comfortable.

3 thoughts on “Comfort over style

  1. Please forgive me, Father, I did misunderstand you to mean that you’re wearing the same set of vestments in your third parish! (And I apologize for the adjective I used.) Yes, I’m sure your parishioners would buy you a new set and ask you to retire the old. The Riza vestments certainly are glorious. My tailor is Krista West, and I love her work:
    I’m looking forward to your thoughts on how vestments are “comfortable.” In my (somewhat short) experience, I haven’t found that vestments are broken in and get comfortable like shoes. The biggest variable as to my comfort is the thermostat setting.

  2. Good point Deacon! I had a feeling this post would be misunderstood. The thing is, my comfortable vestments are not crappy. If they were I’m sure I’d have at least one parishioner volunteer to buy me a new set.

    My point was that, personally, I’ve never been into buying the newest, nicest vestments out there. I’m not trying to seem humble when I say this but I’m content with the ones I have on: they’re clean, in good shape and after breaking them in, they’re comfortable. Which, by the way, I think is important. But I’ll save that for another post.

    Regardless, my deacon’s vestments are very, very nice. They are from RIZA in Australia.

  3. Father, it’s not about you (or me) or your (or my) comfort. It’s about the glory of God. But you knew that.
    Wear a crappy cassock outside of church if you like, but in church, during the divine services, why not the best, most glorious vestments?

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