When we gather in church

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“… it is important that we gather in God’s Church, that we pray for our salvation , for all good things and peace in our lives but also for the salvation for the whole world and peace and good in the whole world. We have gathered in the Church to pray but also to commune of the Body and Blood of Christ, for in uniting ourselves through communion with Christ we are in fact receiving a foretaste of God’s Kingdom, we become citizens of Heaven but at the same time we strengthen our community and thus become one in Christ. Coming together in the Church doesn’t mean to come to a small psychological relaxation, it doesn’t mean that we come to take a breather from all the things that have passed over the past few days, but rather to take that which has happened during the past few days with us and seal it with the Church, bring it in the Church and with the Church leave, bearing within ourselves Christ that we might bear witness and preach Him, abiding in Him at the same time….”

Metropolitan Porfirije of Zagreb-Ljubljana


One thought on “When we gather in church

  1. Christians need to gather in church to express their sincere devotion, gratefulness, and love for all that God has done for them.

    Christians also need to keep in mind that everything they have comes from God, and they need to thank God ad infinitum during church services, and on other occasions, for everything He has given them.

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