Defending the faith…

Excerpt from Taras Bulba, Nikolai Gogol: “Greetings! So, you believe in Christ?” the Ataman would ask. “I do!” “How about the Holy Trinity?” “I do!” “You go to church?” “I do!” “So let’s see you cross yourself!” “Well then,” the Ataman would say, “go join one of the companies.” And that was the end ofContinue reading “Defending the faith…”

Forefathers’ Day

H/T: (here) The Legend of The Founding Founders Sam Haselby LONG BEFORE Americans embraced the tradition of the Founding Fathers, New Englanders honored their ancestors as pioneers of democracy and freedom and as the nation’s patriarchs. John Adams claimed that the “wisdom and benevolence of our forefathers’’ were unmatched, and “at the expense of theirContinue reading “Forefathers’ Day”