Blogs seem like the newspapers of social media. A few days ago I read that Ad Orientem (here) announced he’s done blogging.

I thought I was too. Maybe I am. I’ve been on here off and on the last year or so, trying to get myself back to a  more disciplined schedule of posts but to no avail. Ironically, some months back – the last time I tried to beam myself up into the blogoshpere – I was surprised that blogs like Ad Orientem were still going strong. And by that I mean that I was surprised any blogs were still running.

Some blogs that no longer exist but had a great impression on me and probably inspired my own blogging were Ora et Labora (long gone), the Ochlophobist (gone and disappeared, where are the archives?!?)…..and so on.  I’m beginning to wonder what’ll inspire me to stop.

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