If we are in Christ

marcha1“This is a time for ascetic struggle (podvig), prayer and crucifying oneself for God and neighbor. The holy fathers compared the beginning of the fast with the exodus of the Old Testament people, led by Moses out of Egypt. This means leaving the bodily, sinful nature so that man would be able to enter the promised land of grace. On this journey there are three temptations which the Lord revealed to us in the desert – the temptation of bread or the body, vanity or conceit and finally the love of money and love of power.

These temptations act out of our bodily nature – these are the methods that the devil will use to get man to serve him and not the Lord.

The fasting period serves that we recognize these temptations with which we will do battle our entire lives and to push them away from ourselves through asceticsm and prayer. This is why during Great Lent we grow stronger through more frequent church services and communion, for we cannot battle on our own but we need Christ to be the victor within us. If we are in Christ – we will welcome Pascha in joy, but also the the general Resurrection in the eternal and the unending joy.”

Bishop Fotije of Dalmatia