2d7c1056af43c4ea2bee4d0a66631ff7We’re getting ready. Lent comes overnight. Every year I have a feeling that I have to eat as much meat and then as much dairy before the first day of the Fast. Yesterday for instance, I was running around all day I ate nothing until having two slices of pizza for dinner.  A late dinner. A wasted day of sorts. I could have indulged….but I didn’t.

That’s always been one of the biggest advantages of the fast. You have the same diet all month long and then some. There is no rushing to indulge in one food one day because you can’t have the next. All the days are the same. One would think this would work towards our spirituality. Now that we’ve simplified our daily meals into a small group of things we can have we can focus on other matters.

And the first thing to work on is slowing down. In today’s day in age this is near impossible. How can I slow down when I’m trying to catch with things I was supposed to do yesterday? But this is the real treasure of the Great Fast. Focus on the little stuff. Little by little. After all, that’s why the Church gives us Meatfare week. Stop eating meat. Then stop dairy. Little by little.  Read the Bible every day. Just a little, a few pages, a few verses. Go to the services. Take communion.

It’s a beautiful journey the Church gives us every year. Go on it.

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