Muslim Family Builds Orthodox Church

20161114165612_397711H/T: Here

Before the war in Bosnia and Hercegovina Muslims and Orthodox lived together in the town of Osredak in Cazina. There are no more Orthodox in this town but they have left behind them a church and cemetery which, over time, has deteriorated.

The last year, the church and cemetery have been watched over and renovated by a Muslim family while Serbs from this town that have since fled to other parts of the world assist financially. The Keranovic family is the only family who works at renovating the church since the other citizens are not in favor of this idea. The sons Samir and Mensud are studying building and construction so this gives them an opportunity to show what they know and learn something new. Fatima, the mother, oftentimes helps her husband Mesud when the sons are at school.

Mesud said that he would like most of all if everyone would return to their own place, he is sad about the war and hopes that at least someone will return and they’ll be able to socialize regardless of their faith. Like before.


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