One in Christ

crete3(Thank you Byzantine Texas)

“…Our primary task, as Hierarchs of the United States, is not to argue over the Council in Crete. We don’t have the luxury for such debates. As shepherds of the Lord’s flock we must remain bound to one another; steadfast in our mission; and committed to overcoming any challenge and utilizing all opportunities in a fraternal, truthful, and conciliar manner. We are an Assembly of Orthodox Bishops; there is nothing anyone can say or do to change this. We are one in Christ. If we don’t live up to our responsibility to work as one body, dear brothers, we leave the faithful at the mercy of a cold and unforgiving world. And we can rest assured that society will not ask whether someone is Greek or Bulgarian; Russian or Ukrainian; Serb or Romanian; Georgian or Antiochian; convert or cradle Orthodox. Our people will all eventually become prey to attack and ridicule. My prayer is that we, under the present conditions and challenges, can all recommit ourselves to one another as an Assembly of Bishops….”

Archbishop Demetrios

Full here


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