The Gift of Love

“The holy Apostle Paul teaches us that in all things we need to be servants of God, to be known and unknown, to be those who own nothing and have everything. The word ‘talent’ means gift, the greatest gift which every person receives from the Lord is the gift of His love. To bury one’s talent in the ground, according to the Holy Fathers means to waste one’s life in the transient things of time, thus the Lord does not punish the evil and lazy servant by sending him to a place of weeping and gnashing of teeth, but He simply allows him to continue his manner of life, towards destruction…..”

Bishop Irinej of Bachka


One thought on “The Gift of Love

  1. It is imperative that man shows a genuine love of God daily, and keeps in mind that everything he has comes from God.

    It would also behoove man to use the talents God has given him to the utmost of his ability, thus making the greatest possible usage of these talents and often thanking God for providing him with them.

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