Holy Council Discusses Diaspora

During Tuesday’s Press Conference, the spokesman from the Patriarchate of Alexandria commented, when a question was posed about the discussions taking place regarding the diaspora:

“…the churches are faced with a dilemma in our modern times as to where they draw their identity, what is its source. Is it the ecclesial event with the mind set on the last days, on eschatology. Or is it mere national origin…If the latter, it weighs us down and it renders the consideration of how to deal with the matter that much more difficult. We need to go back to our ecclesial roots, once that is done, it will be quite easy to find a way out of this impasse…”


2 thoughts on “Holy Council Discusses Diaspora

  1. The Orthodox Christian Church needs to focus primarily on the synergy or unity of its various ethnic churches, rather than on an ethnic or national emphasis.

    The former provides the Orthodox Church with an invigorating spirituality and empowerment; the latter promotes a divisiveness and conflict.

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