Fasting in the Orthodox Church

Bishop Maxim shared with me a blog entitled “Notes From the Council” [here]which, unfortunately, (for the purpose of me sharing the posts here) is mainly in Serbian. It is authored by His Grace (from what I gather). I wish more was in English but the following is a post I can share here regarding fasting:Continue reading “Fasting in the Orthodox Church”

Holy Council Discusses Diaspora

During Tuesday’s Press Conference, the spokesman from the Patriarchate of Alexandria commented, when a question was posed about the discussions taking place regarding the diaspora: “…the churches are faced with a dilemma in our modern times as to where they draw their identity, what is its source. Is it the ecclesial event with the mindContinue reading “Holy Council Discusses Diaspora”

We Should Go to Crete- UPDATED

Why Should We Go to the Council in Crete by Bishop Maxim of Western American Diocese At this year’s May session of the Holy Assembly of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church held in Belgrade, it was clearly and unambiguously expressed that the will of the Bishops assembled is to support the convening of theContinue reading “We Should Go to Crete- UPDATED”