An Industry of forgetfulness

altarProfessor Bogoljub Sijakovic, professor at the Orthodox Theological School in Belgrade, writes in this issue of Pravoslavlje in defense of catechism taught in schools. He says, among other things, something very thought provoking:

“The contents of catechism as a school subject are a part of education and culture in general, in a very specific sense: not only is there no culture without a cult – i.e. religion- but there is no cult without a sacrifice; in the center of both Christian faith and catechism and culture is Sacrifice, that is Christ. The eucharistic commemoration of this Sacrifice defines the Christian culture as a culture of commemoration (remembrance). Today, the so-called “cultural-entertaining life” is, in fact, an industry of forgetting, which is based on a (pseudo) cultural forgetfulness. Like Odysseus’ men when they ate the lotus and then forgot about going back to their homeland, namely, they forgot their fathers, brothers, wives, children (they forgot their identity: who they are and where they come from; Odysseus Book IX), and many today forget what European culture is and where it came from.”


One thought on “An Industry of forgetfulness

  1. It is imperative that catechism be taught in schools — especially religious schools — if we want our children to adapt to their ethnic, cultural, and religious roots.
    Indeed, without catechism being taught in schools, our children would be, for the most part, indifferent toward their cultural background and their love of Christ.

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