Holy Communion

pricesce_thumbIn the Serbian tradition, whether accurate or not, communion is only taken a few times a year. Maybe twice, in other (rare) cases once during each fasting period. Oftentimes, when a more frequent communion is suggested we get blank stares. How? Are we supposed to fast all the time? How can I come to communion when I have something, a bad feeling towards someone during liturgy, etc. etc.?  It’s as if, at the very mention of Holy Communion, only one thing comes to mind: sin; that is, there is something preventing me from communing. I want to, but I can’t. It doesn’t matter that Christ has defeated death, defeated the devil and sin….I just can’t.

This is a much broader theme that deserves many blog posts but I’ve decided to use this pixely notebook of mine for that very purpose – making notes. The answer to our problems is God and God is with us in Church and He offers Himself to us as the priest calls us to “draw near”. The question is how?

The rules of preparation for communion should be honored but at times I get the impression that we live in the time of Christ: whenever He wanted to heal someone the Pharisees voiced their opinion how He was breaking the rules.


3 thoughts on “Holy Communion

  1. Thank you Deacon. Like I said, this isn’t a polished, thorough blog post….but just some thoughts I wanted to jot down.
    Another problem that goes together with this is the idea of being worthy or unworthy. We are unworthy. Period.

  2. Father: thank you for your words.
    The importance of frequent Holy Communion cannot be emphasised too strongly. It is not our sins that separate us from God (He came to save sinners), but our ATTITUDE to our sins. When we decide that our sins are greater than God’s mercy, we have ceased to believe not only in God’s mercy, but in God Himself, making ourselves the ultimate arbiter of what can and cannot be. Blessed is the soul who so hungers and thirsts and yearns for God’s loving, merciful presence, that he/she cannot stay away from Holy Communion.

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