The Perversion of the Possibility of Communion

H/T: Sabornost (here) St. Maximus the Confessor’s Contribution to the Problem of Transcending the Createdness, by Bishop Maxim Vasilijevic “….  man, who is endowed with the ability to relate and to participate, desires (consciously or unconsciously) his “being” (τὸ εἶναι) to be a permanent and continuous possibility (εὖ ἀεὶ εἶναι) and not just a phenomenalContinue reading “The Perversion of the Possibility of Communion”

An Industry of forgetfulness

Professor Bogoljub Sijakovic, professor at the Orthodox Theological School in Belgrade, writes in this issue of Pravoslavlje in defense of catechism taught in schools. He says, among other things, something very thought provoking: “The contents of catechism as a school subject are a part of education and culture in general, in a very specific sense:Continue reading “An Industry of forgetfulness”