Principles for Holy Week

Principles for Observing Holy Week: Faithful

1. Attend services when you can, but do not stress if you cannot make everything. The sabbath was made for humanity; we are called to be faithful, not fanatical.

2. Fast, but make sure you eat and drink enough throughout the week to conserve energy. Get enough sleep, too. Do not talk about what you’re eating with other people.

3. Permit yourself to be moved, but beware of strong impulses of emotional piety; the Christian life continues after Holy Week and Pascha.

4. Focus on hearing the Word of God; the services are rich with Scripture.

5. Do you have business that cannot be postponed? Take care of it without guilt (see no 1 above).

6. Greet others with a smile and be joyful. Be joyful and thankful.

7. Pray for the second coming of Christ.

8. Respect others, but never be ashamed of being Christian.

9. Maintain a reasonable level of awareness; it’s okay to play with your children this week. God created us to play in the garden; Christ’s death returns us to a communion of joy, not fear.

10. Do not draw attention to yourself during the services; focus on Christ and the others around you will be inspired to do the same.

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