4 thoughts on “A Jewish Resonse to a Pastor

  1. a well versed Orthodox Christian could easily refute this man’s weak and childish attacks on Christianity…we DO worship the King! Who is one with His Son and His Spirit…this does very much point out the lack of Trinitarian theology and emphasis on”Jesus only” among some protestants…and what’s up with the Jewish man’s seemingly Pan-theistic claims, that “everything is God”?

  2. The old man has no salvation, he thinks his righteousness is in his beard and hat. He is full of hate for gentiles, yet, he thinks he possesses the Kingdom of God. It is very easy to deal with his hate, I wish I could have been there. His salvation is in the blood of bulls and goats, he clings to the tradition of men – this is why he cannot hear and cannot see, just like they missed Jesus then, they miss him today.

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