Clothed in Christ


“In the Liturgy, we travel toward the kingdom of Christ, and, at the same time, we are already present within it. Christ has raised us up to heaven, or – rather- he has brought heaven down to the church. All good things, such as our salvation, holiness, a share in his humility, and in general all his gifts, Christ gives to us in the church as a “dowry”. For us, the Liturgy is a pledge, an engagement. In the same way that one wears an engagement ring as a promise of marriage, so too my presence at the Liturgy means that I am linked with Christ, who promises me that, if I remain faithful, he will, without fail, bring me into the kingdom of heaven. Although still on earth, we live in paradise…

….When you take a piece of white cloth, and place a powerful light behind it, the cloth becomes radiant and bright. In the same way, the rays of Christ penetrate us and make us christs….

….Do you see the priest in his vestments? He is no longer this or that particular priest, but Christ….”

-Archimandrite Aimilianos of Simonopetra
“The Church at Prayer”

One thought on “Clothed in Christ

  1. The Christian Church is sometimes referred to as “the body of Christ.” The Liturgy in a church brings us very close to Christ and to heaven.
    Indeed, the Liturgy links faithful churchgoers with Christ, and serves as an inevitable path that takes them into the kingdom of heaven.

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