St. Bishop Nikolaj on Halloween

On the Night of Witches*

It is clear that we, Orthodox Christians, cannot and must not partake in such an idolatrous celebration at any level (even if it were “only” fun for kids), for it directly represents a renouncing  of our Lord and our holy Orthodox faith. For, if we allow our children to be “disguised” and let them  go in the dark and beg for sweets, we thereby voluntary accept the community of the dead, whose god is not the deity Samhain but Satan himself, the prince of evil and the sweets (treats) that they would receive will not represent an innocent gift to children but an offering to the devil himself. Let us remember that our ancestors, Christians from the earliest centuries, would first choose bodily death in the worst sufferings than they would accept a sacrifice to idols and thereby renounce Christ our God, who commanded us: HAVE NO OTHER GODS THAN ME – Saint Bishop Nikolaj

*The entire text can be found on “Православље Живот Вечни – Свети владика Николај о ноћи вештица”… here

3 thoughts on “St. Bishop Nikolaj on Halloween

  1. The good Bishop needs to look up the history of Halloween in the US. The trick or treating has nothing to do with demons. It originated as a bribe to keep kids from turning over outhouses and soaping store windows.

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