When We Were Safe

“Everything we received as an occasion for life we turned into an occasion for sin; everything we bent into an occasion for depravity will be turned for us into an occasion for punishment. We have turned the calm of human peace  into an occasion for empty safety; we have preferred traveling over the earth to dwelling in our own land; we have reduced our bodily health to an occasion of vice; we have twisted fertility and abundance away from physical necessities to wrongful pleasure; we have forced the serene pleasures of the weather to serve our love of earthly gratification. The just result is that everything that served our vices when we wrongfully compelled it to do so is at the same time a source of affliction for us, so that we are forced later to experience from the world as many torments as the joys we previously possessed when we were safe”

St. Gregory the Great, Pope of Rome
Homily from the Gospel, “When you hear of wars and uprisings….”


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