A Great Catch

When Jesus told Simon Peter to cast his net for a catch Peter objected and said, Teacher we’ve been fishing all night long and weren’t able to catch anything. But, at Your word, I will cast my net again. And he did and he caught so many fish he needed help pulling the net back in and his boat started sinking. When I related this gospel story to the Church School children on Sunday after liturgy they added: So Jesus taught Simon how to fish better?

No, He didn’t. They were fishermen and as such they knew very well how to fish. Yet, regardless of that they were unable to catch anything. The same happens to us. There are things we’re good at, we might have particular talents: writing, drawing, building, etc. But sometimes we find ourselves struggling to do the very thing we’re supposed to be good at.

Just as Christ was with Peter in the boat He is with us as well. He’s the one telling us to go into the deep for a catch, He is the one telling us to try again and keep at it. He is the one who believes in us. Do we believe in Him?

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