The Yellow Well

Вечнаја памјат…Memory eternal to author of “Access to Shock and Suspense”, Miroslav Josic Visnjic, native of Stapar, who passed away today, September 8th.

Again and Again


I’ve been reading a book,  Access to Shock and Suspense, which tells the story of women condemned to the “barren island” or Goli Otok and Sveti Grgur Island, both used for political prisoners in the late 40’s and early 50’s Yugoslavia.  My cousin gave me the book some years back as we were leaving Stapar. She wanted me to have it because not only is the writer a native of Stapar, a small town outside of Sombor where I was born, but he also makes many references to the town as one of the women narrating the tale is from there as well.

Anyway, the author writes in one place and I translate loosely:

Every house in the village here had their own well, built out of stone and mortar, draw wells or with wheels. But this salty water the people used for their livestock and watering gardens.


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