The Dinner Table

His Grace Bishop Benjamin of San Francisco and the West of the Orthodox Church in America gave the homily yesterday at the Diocesan Days celebration of the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Western America. He spoke on the theme of the gospel reading which was about the marriage feast.

He made an interesting observation. “I don’t know about you,” he said,”but I can’t eat with people I don’t like.” Never thought about it, but I suppose it’s true. He added, what do we do when our children are misbehaving or we’re upset at them for whatever reason; what do we tell them? Go to your room! You’re excused from the dinner table! There is something mystical, almost sacred about our dinner table. I would add something, though. The dinner table is perhaps the only place left – outside the church – where it’s rude and inappropriate to be on your electronic gadgets. We came to the table hungry but we’re hungry for more than just food. We’re hungry for fellowship, to both talk and listen to one another. To enjoy our meal but also, and more importantly, the company of one another.

After all, unless we enjoy each others company we’ll both go away hungry.


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