The Bible’s Dangerous Influence


With God’s help and through the goodness of both His Grace Bishop Maxim who received me in the Diocese of Western America, as well as His Grace Bishop Mitrophan who gave a canonical release from the Eastern Diocese, I have arrived in my new parish assignment. The plane trip was long – as far as the east is from the west – which gave me some time to read.  My reading material was completely unplanned as a friend handed me a book to read, “My Exodus from Roman Catholicism” by Bishop Paul de Ballester of blessed repose. As the title suggests it is about the author’s exodus from the Catholic Church. The majority of the book I would say deals with the false teaching of the infallibility of the pope. The author, a Catholic monk at the time, posed the question, among others, to his superior to which he was told: “…you let the Bible continue its dangerous influence on your soul. The holy books are like fire, which when it does not illumine, burns and darkens…..As far as Tradition goes, I should not find it necessary to remind you that ‘in matters of faith, we are first and foremost obliged to follow the pope, more so than one thousand Augustines, Jeromes, Gregories….”. In another place he quotes Bishop Maret: “In changing the constitution of the Church, we also change its dogma. From now on, it will be more accurate [for Roman Catholics] to confess in the Divine Liturgy, ‘I believe in the pope’, instead of saying, ‘I believe in One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church”.



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