The mind learns, the heart knows

“We tend to separate the mind from the heart. We like to fill the mind; yet, we forget the hearth. Or else, we fill the heart with information that should fill the mind. Nevertheless, the two work differently: the mind learns; the heart knows. The mind is educated; the heart believes. The mind is intellectual,Continue reading “The mind learns, the heart knows”

Is It Ever Good To Be Impulsive?

H/T: (here) Hieromonk Alexis (Trader) Although in most cases from a Christian perspective, impulsivity needs to be kept in check, there is such a thing as a good kind of impulsivity. We see such “blessed impulsiveness” in the Apostle Peter and in the other Apostles who left their nets to follow Christ. There wasContinue reading “Is It Ever Good To Be Impulsive?”

Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos

The Lord, in His Providence of the salvation of the world and mankind through the ages of ages, chose the Most Holy Virgin Theotokos of all peoples and of all those who appeared on this world, that through her He establish salvation and His coming to this world. For this is her birth so gloriousContinue reading “Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos”

Professor Emeritus

H/T: (here) At the solemn academy, held on Monday, September 14, 2015, in the Rectorate Hall of the University on the occasion and in commemoration of the Day of the University and the 207th anniversary of the University in Belgrade, retired Bishop of Zahum and Hercegovina Professor Dr. Athanasios Jevtic was presented with theContinue reading “Professor Emeritus”