Serbs Second-class Citizens in Croatia

Bishop Fotije of Dalmatia: Serbs are Second-class Citizens in Croatia

H/T: Inserbia (here)

BELGRADE – Bishop Fotije of Dalmatia stated that Serbs in Croatia are second-class citizens with no right to mark the sites of their suffering or do so in their own, Cyrillic script.

Serbs tried to mark the sites of their suffering during the civil war in the ’90s but this is very difficult because the monuments were destroyed over night, Fotije said in an interview for the Belgrade-based daily Vecernje Novosti.

As an example of this, he listed the destruction of the monument honouring the victims in Golubic near Knin (Serb Krajina area) which was destroyed on the same night it was built.

Fotije announced that Patriarch Irinej of the Serbian Orthodox Church would pay a two-day visit to the Diocese of Dalmatia to mark a major jubilee, the 400th anniversary of the Seminary of the Krka Monastery.

According to the plans for August 18, the patriarch should first visit the local Church of Saint Elijah in Zadar, then the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. Anastasia where the remains of the early Christian saint Anastasia are kept, Fotije said.

The bishop also pointed to the problem of Serb return to the Dalmatia area and other parts of Croatia, and he listed usurpation of Serb apartments as the main reason of low return to the cities.

Until the ’90s war, Dalmatia was home to around 120,000 Serbs, while today, only a quarter of them still live here, and they are mainly elderly citizens, Fotije said.

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