Fr. George Gligich


From Facebook:

A follow-up from Protinica Elena Gligich about Fr. George Gligich, who suffered burn injuries on Sunday. I am informed that Fr. George began surgery today at 11:45 am, so please pray for him now and continually. Here is Elena’s message:

Thank you to everyone for all prayers, texts, emails, calls, and FB posts. Yesterday morning before liturgy, Fr George was alone in the altar lighting candles. An ember fell from a small candle and lit his pants on fire. He had not vested yet but was in the wheelchair and he always has a compression sock and brace on his right leg and a prosthetic leg on the left residual limb. He tried his best to put it out but was unable to do so quickly enough. The panic button on his key fob in his pocket went off. Deacon Norm had just arrived in front of church, heard the alarm, and ran toward van. He found Fr George in the side room of the altar and got his pants and threw them toward cement/fountain area. Meanwhile Fr George asked him to call 911 and the ambulance just happened to be around the corner. Elena and boys were getting ready to attend church in Jackson, California. Nancy Penny called to let them know that Father was being taken by ambulance to Community Regional Medical Center Burn Unit (CRMC) in downtown Fresno. Elena and boys left Jackson and arrived at CRMC by noon. Father was in the ER awaiting the Director of the Burn Unit. A one hour surgical procedure was done to allow for swelling in his lower right limb secondary to 3rd degree burns all around calf and shin area. Tomorrow Father is scheduled for a second surgery to remove burned/dead tissue and God-willing donor skin grafts will be put on a large area. He is being watched closely in this ICU Burn Unit which is top notch in the state. His surgeries are being done by the Director of the unit who has been in this program for a long time. Friday will be a big day as the bandages will be removed and we will hopefully know if the donor grafts begin to take. If so, plans will begin for his own skin to eventually be grafted in place. Temporary grafts are being used to immediately protect the large area and prepare the area to receive his own skin. Diabetes complicates this and prayers are needed that he continue to not develop a fever or infection. Father is in good spirits, pain is controlled, and he looks and sounds himself. His leg is vulnerable but we have faith that God will continue to watch over him, blessing him with the ability to continue to serve Him in so many wonderful ways. He is strong and healthy and diabetes is in good control. This is a very unfortunate accident but it allows us to realize all that we have and all that we are grateful for in this life. Please continue to pray for him, me, John, and Daniel. We are humbled by so much love that has already been expressed. I have gone back on FB so that I can update everyone easier. Please forgive me if I have missed texting or calling any of you back…. I will also attempt to get a Caring Bridge account up and running so that you can send Father your comments, prayers, and good wishes. Again, many thanks to you all and to God for taking care of our very special husband and father (both priest and Tata!) as he makes this healing journey. Love in Christ, Elena


One thought on “Fr. George Gligich

  1. Fr. George, Elena and family, So sorry to hear about this very unfortunate accident. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all and we wish our cousin George a very speedy recovery.
    Stric Gojko, Strina Rada, and Vera Prpa, Jelena and family.

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