The Kosovo Covenant

“The Lord sees the heart and soul and there recognizes who relies on himself, in their own deeds, in their belonging to the faithful people of God, the Church of God. He sees who is ready to go with Him to the end. He looks to see who is ready to renounce himself, to take up his cross and follow Christ and to know that the earthly kingdom is temporary but the Heavenly is unto the ages of ages, as St. Prince Lazar said. The Battle of Kosovo and Prince Lazar are a defense of the faith, witnessing the truth and true faith, faithfulness in Christ. And so whenever we remember the Battle of Kosovo and when we speak of the Kosovo Covenant we don’t speak of an idol, there is no idolatry to some event that once happened nor to the people who are actors in that event, but we speak of the Kosovo Covenant as a constant choosing Christ’s Church and all of us for Christ, aware that all things rest on Christ.”

Metropolitan Porfirije of Zagreb


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