The Three Days of Pentecost


I served liturgy yesterday – on the second day of Pentecost – and also this morning. In the past we have customarily served on both days after Pentecost, just as we do on both days after Christmas and Pascha. But I’m wondering if that is still the case. I notice many have scheduled liturgy only on so-called “Whit Monday” and not Tuesday. Granted, for us on the church’s calendar, we serve tomorrow as well since it’s the feast day of Sts. Constantine and Helen

Here is from a homily by Bishop Joanikije of Budim-Niksic on Pentecost:

The Lord Jesus Christ after His Resurrection, before His Ascension into Heaven, told his holy disciples, giving them His last words while He appeared still in this world, “sit in Jerusalem and do not move no where until you are clothed in power from above.” Before His suffering the Lord said, “when I go I will send you another comforter who will direct you to every truth and reveal to you the meaning of all the things I told you, the Spirit of truth”, and that, brother and sisters, is what happened on this holy day.

When the holy apostles, together with the people, were in Jerusalem, in that part of the city which is most famous, in Zion, which is the symbol of the Church, the oldest part of the city which is called the city of David and when they prayed there on Sunday, the Lord fulfilled His promise – He sent them the Holy Spirit, the comforter in the form of fiery tongues which descended on each of the holy apostles. That is that power from on high with which the Holy Apostles of Christ were clothed, preachers of His Gospel, His witnesses.

It is not by accident, brothers and sisters, that we consider this day to be the birthday of the Church. This is the day of fulfillment, this is a day when the Holy Apostles were clothed with power from on high and this means they received power from heaven which the Lord Jesus Christ sent – that is, they clothed themselves with Christ and received the power of His Truth, the power of His word, the power of His witness, they received courage which only God can give and the light of God so that from them on they fearlessly preached the Gospel of Christ among the Jews, among the enemies of Christ and the gentiles.”

All of that which happened with the apostles on that holy day when the Lord sent His Spirit, the Comforter, in the form of fiery tongues, that has continued throughout all of history, and the holy and life-giving Spirit invisibly descends on us and the gifts we offer Him at each service and on each true preacher of His truth, His gospel, His witness in this world.”


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