Turning a Deaf Ear


Serbian Patriarchate Excommunicates Bp. Artemije; Bp. Artemije Responds

H/T: NFTU (here)

May 29, 2015  (Source: http://www.spc.rs)

[warning: google translate below]

The Holy Assembly of Bishops adopted the following decision:

Since Marko Radosavljevic, former monk and former Bishop Artemije of Raska and Prizren, a deaf ear to all the efforts of the Serbian Orthodox Church to return to the road split in the union with the Mother Church, that, pursuant to Article 69, item 29) of the Constitution of the Serbian Orthodox Church, and in accordance with the provisions of Article 15 of the Church of guilt, and it Negoslav Nikolic, former hieromonk Nicholas, Artemije “rukopoloženog” for pseudo-horepiskopa invented Old Ras and Loznica eparchy permanently excluded from Community Church, with the hope and prayer that the Lord grant them repentance as the only the way of salvation and the return of the church of God, which always receives with joy every penitent.

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