Turning a Deaf Ear

Serbian Patriarchate Excommunicates Bp. Artemije; Bp. Artemije Responds H/T: NFTU (here) May 29, 2015  (Source: http://www.spc.rs) [warning: google translate below] The Holy Assembly of Bishops adopted the following decision: Since Marko Radosavljevic, former monk and former Bishop Artemije of Raska and Prizren, a deaf ear to all the efforts of the Serbian Orthodox Church to returnContinue reading “Turning a Deaf Ear”

The World is Flat

How the Myth of the Flat-Earth Dogma Started the Religion-Science War Matt J. Rossano September 16, 2010 H/T: Huffington Post (here) Starting a war on false pretenses is nothing new. But when a few nineteenth-century academicians declared a science-vs.-religion war, they did us all a disservice. John W. Draper (1811-1882) was born in England intoContinue reading “The World is Flat”

Taking the Lord’s Name in Vain

Taking the Lord’s Name in Vain – What Does it Really Mean? C. Michael Patton (here) The answer to this question might seem self-evident, especially to those of us who grew up in a western Judeo-Christian society. Exodus 20:7, Deuteronomy 5:11 – You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain,Continue reading “Taking the Lord’s Name in Vain”