Unbelieving Thomas


When the Apostles told Thomas that the Lord appeared, unbelieving Thomas said that he would not believe until his fingers and hands did not feel Christ’s ribs. Human nature, which in this case was expressed by the Apostle Thomas, is doubting and unbelieving until he receives proof with his own eyes and hands. The Lord was not Resurrected for Himself, He didn’t need to come to the world, rather He did that for us and our salvation, for we are the ones who because of our sins fell under the slavery of sin,for this reason was the Lord risen from the dead and broke the chains of death and granted us hope in life eternal. The mere fact that the Lord rose from the dead will not save us until we believe it and don’t follow in His footsteps and words. May the Lord grant us all the strength that we always endure in our witnessing and that we never, according to our human weaknesses, doubt in Christs Resurrection, for through our faith we will see the face of God.

– Bishop Gerasim of Gornji Karlovac

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