A.D. The Series: Your Thoughts?

adI could use some feedback from readers and/or fellow bloggers. I realize that might be asking too much considering I haven’t been all that active on here as of late but….

The new television series “A.D”: Have you been following it? It debuted on the evening of our Palm Sunday. I was able to catch only a few minutes of it but couldn’t devote more time since our Holy Week was upon us and I had other things to do. I tried to catch up on online but even that hasn’t been that easy of a task.

I suppose the saying “the book was better” would apply. But in this case it was better not because it was more enjoyable but more accurate. That’s the one thing we look for when our favorite novel hits the silver screen – will it stay true to the book version? In this case – as is the case of almost all Bible-based movies or series – there are inevitably going to be inaccuracies.

But I suppose main question is: Is the series harmful? Are the inaccuracies that bad? If you’ve been watching and following the series please share your insight.

3 thoughts on “A.D. The Series: Your Thoughts?

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    I agree with many of these Evangelical leaders…..the content is good! This is a fabulous opportunity for those who don’t know about Christ to see how violent and turbulent these times were in Jesus’ day. Some of the inaccuracies involved perhaps what year the event included took place but that doesn’t shake my faith. There will be those who pick apart – but seeing the general picture, I am SOOOOO glad a movie portrays the reality of Christ’s days after his death and resurrection.

  2. Indeed He is Risen!
    Thank you, Father. For what it’s worth it seems to be popular. In all the promos leading up to this series I kept hearing that the “A.D. story” would be told for the first time….. I remember NBC doing an A.D. TV movie or mini-series in the 80s

  3. Fr.
    Christ is Risen! A.D. is dead.
    I tried to watch it, I really did. Excessive drama, ridiculous costumes. loose interpretations of the Holy Scriptures, too little enlightenment.

    I cannot watch it and I don’t recommend it to anyone.

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