Go and make the same mistakes


It was nice seeing my good friend Hieromonk Fr. Platon (Jovic) from New Marcha Monastery at our clergy seminar today at Shadeland. Since his arrival the monastery in Richfield, Ohio has had a steady amount of faithful from the greater Cleveland area for liturgy Sunday mornings.

But they belong in their parish churches, he told me during our chat, that’s where they should take confession, with their priest and then come to the monastery. They can come for liturgy, a little spiritual pilgrimage, to visit the monastery or the nuns but not to use the monastery as I place which would eventually replace their parish church because they might be in a disagreement with a fellow parishioner or even the priest.

One of the things he said I found amusing was when he told me, And when people come to me and say I don’t like how my priest is serving the liturgy, he’s making this and that mistake, I tell them – go back to him and make the same mistakes.

I can comment, but I’ll just leave it at that. Coincidentally, I’m always telling him I’m going to visit him at the monastery and, in the end, we only see one another at these seminars and meetings and Slavas.

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