God in the Present


A Protestant friend recently shared with me something his pastor told him about telling people that Jesus is in their lives.

He said: My pastor would tell me, no one seems to mind talking about Jesus or God in the past, in some long-ago history of what God did or God in old, long ago Bible stories. In that same manner, no one seems to mind hearing talk about God in the future. But as soon as we mention God in our lives today, having a relationship with Christ and our daily prayer life, then people get uncomfortable.


2 thoughts on “God in the Present

  1. I try never to speak, write or even think of Christ, or even any of the saints, in the past tense. I never say, ‘Jesus said,’ or ‘holy apostle Paul wrote.’ Instead I always use the present tense, especially in writing. Why? It is to keep reminding myself and everyone I meet that Christ and the saints are not just historical figures, but alive, now, at this moment, and, if we call upon them, in this very room with us, right now. Yes, this makes people uncomfortable sometimes.

    The same is true of praying. People used to come to me and ask me to pray for so-and-so. Unless it is absolutely impossible to do so for some reason outside my control, I always say, ‘Okay, let’s pray for them right now, here.’ I want them to know that it is when ‘two or three’ are gathered, then Christ who is among us, will hear our prayer, and have mercy.

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