Mirror Images

dscn3706.jpg“Reflecting, with Glory, the Image of God”*

Whether we like it or not (and most of us do not!), a mirror does not lie. It always shows us exactly as we are, flaws and all. No matter what our own pre-conceived notions or perceptions of what our appearance may be, a mirror merely reflects our real and true self.

The Book of Genesis tells us that we have made “in the image and likeness of God”. In like manner, those who profess to be Orthodox Christians are said to be “mirror images” of our Lord. In other words, those around us should be able to look at us and see the reflection of Christ. All of our thoughts, words, deeds, and feelings should be consistent with His actions. To put it simply, Christ must be constantly visible in us.

It is important to note that this does not happen without effort on our part. To reach the point where we can confidently say that we are “Christ’s reflection” requires a great deal of attention. Only through prayer, fasting, reading the Scriptures and living the Gospel can this be accomplished. We cannot be Christ-like if He does not dwell in our heart!

We must all allow God to mold and shape us into what He wants us to be. We are the masterpiece of His creation – “diamonds in the rough” – waiting to be refined and polished by our Creator. May we all strive to become an Orthodox Christian who will truly reflect  with glory the image of God that lies deep within all of us.

*Taken from Holy Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church weekly bulletin, 2004


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